Solar Battery Storage

Unlock a 20c Solar Feed-in Tariff

How does a Hybrid Solar System Work ?

A Hybrid system works like any other solar system which produces Energy from the Sunlight. The difference is that any excess Energy that your Solar System produces would charge the battery connected to your solar system first before it goes to the grid at your current feed at terrific rates, giving you better ROI on your solar system. If your system generates excess electricity after the battery is fully charged, excess energy then goes to the grid and you get paid a standard feed in tariff rate.

Can I use Electricity supply during blackouts?

Yes ! We install Emergency power supply (EPS) in most of our Hybrid systems, which allows you to use stored Electricity in the event of a power outage.

Why an Ultimate Solar VPP Plan

High Solar Feed-in-Tariff

Fast ROI with both Solar and Storage

DIY Energy Trading Platform

Competitive Energy Plan

Free Monitoring InSight Mobile App

Compatible with Amazon Echo

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Bundle a Ultimate Solar Energy's Solar and battery solution with a VPP and receive up to 20c Solar Feed-in-Tariff.

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Whether you are an existing Solar & storage customer or would like to add a battery system to your existing Solar system or may be starting from scratch with a new home Energy Solution, USE has got you covered.

A Virtual Power Plant is a cloud based Network of distributor Energy Resources, such as homes and commercial Buildings that have their Solar and battery Systems all working together as a single power plant and central controlled through Wifi technology by Authorised retailers; you can treat each battery system as a micropower station. Energy retailers sometimes will force your battery system to charge or discharge to distributor energy resources for the purpose of enhancing power generation, as well as trading or selling power in the Electricity Market, as per market demand. VPPs are regarded as the future of the power market. VPP is emerging as a solution to resolve the grid power unstable issues.

For joining our virtual power plant electricity plan, you will have to meet the following conditions:

  • Residential properties only
  • Have less than 13.2kw solar system
  • Have one of the following brands of inverters, any battery storage with Alpha ESS, Goodwe, Solaredge, Sungrow as your battery inverters.


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