6.6 KW Platinum System

The USE is partnered with Fronius which is an Austrian based company to supply and install inverters across Australia. The 6.6kw Boost Package will save you anywhere between $890 to $1,917 per year off your electricity bill, depending on your location and Electricity consumption. Maximise your opportunity and savings. Suitable for households spending up to $1000 or more per year.


  • 5KW Fronius Primo Inverter

  • 18X370/390 Tier 1 Premium Panels


  • x60

  • x5

  • x10

  • x5


  • Approximate Annual Output Between 8100kwh – 9400kwh
  • CEC Approved Tier1 370/385w Solar Panels (Half-Cell Technology, Black Frame)
  • World’s top 2nd largest and to 5 listed (Bloomberg Tier-1 Brand)
  • EUPD’s Australia 2019 award winner panels
  • CEC Approved Double Tracker 5kw Wifi Inverter ( top 5 listed in Australia )
  • European top listed inverter brand ( made in Austrian )
  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel Mounting kit ( Approved by Clean Energy Council)
  • Cyclone Rated Frame and Panels to Withstand High Loads
  • Complete Installation by CEC Accredited Installer

At Ultimate Solar Energy We Make Sure Our Work to Be In Accordance With Clean Energy Council’s Guidelines. We Only Use CEC Accredited Installers To Install Premium Quality Products, get obligation free customise quote for your home to know more about this package.


Ultimate Solar Energy’s quality assurance team choose one of the best available product in the market at given time, most of our products’ warranties are backed by locally and our supply partners have their offices located in major cities around Australia.

10 Years Installation Warranty
25 Years Panels Efficiency Warranty
5+5 Years Inverter Warranty

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