10.5 KW Platinum System

The USE is partnered with Fronius which is an Austrian based inverter company to supply, instal and remotely moniter high quality inverters across Australia. The 10kw platinum Package will save you anywhere between $2200 to $4000 per year off your electricity bill, depending on your location and Electricity consumption. Maximise your opportunity and savings. Suitable for households spending up to $1600 or more per year.


  • 8.2KW Fronius Primo Inverter

  • 18X440w High Efficiency Panels ( choose from 3 popular brands )


  • x90

  • x7

  • x15

  • x7


Platinum package includes the option to choose the panel from 3 different largest brands and comes with free advanced monitoring device to monitor consumption and production remotely.


Ultimate Solar Energy’s quality assurance team choose one of the best available product in the market at given time, most of our products’ warranties are backed by locally and our supply partners have their offices located in major cities around Australia.

  • 5+5 years inverter warranty

How much can I save on a 10kw Solar Power System?

The amount of cash you make from a 10kW system will depend on how much you get paid for exported electricity (solar feed in tariffs) and how much you self consume.

Feed in tariffs in Australia pay anywhere from 6c to 20c, depending on the retailer. Let’s work on 7c per kWh for exported electricity. Most people pay about 30c per kWh to buy electricity from the grid. So let’s consider 3 scenarios to see how the payback works:

1) Use all the solar electricity in your (huge) home or business: You would save approximately $4400 in the first year. And about $148,000 over 20 years assuming electricity price rises of 5% per year.
2) Export half the electricity: You would save about $2700 in the first year.
3) Export all the electricity: You would save about $900 in the first year.

To conclude, it is evident from the above explanation: The more solar energy you self consume, the faster your payback.

How long before a 10kW Solar Power System pays for itself?

If you are using all the electricity on-site then a 10kW will have paid for itself in under 3-4 years, assuming you pay 30c for your electricity from the grid and electricity prices rise at 5% per year. After that the electricity is free apart from a small maintenance cost.

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